Friday, August 2, 2013

Understanding the Business Card Dimensions

A business card is a convenient item that is carried around to present others with your information, upon introduction, and this is why it needs to have certain card dimensions. It will have your name, your title, your company name, address and phone number, along with other information like your cell phone number and email address. It may also bear the logo for your company.

It could be printed on the back and front, or just the front. It could have your information in another language on the back, or perhaps a slogan from the company, or perhaps your favorite saying on the back. It can be plain in black and white with plain standard lettering, or colored, or engraved with raised print, varnished with various coatings, and indeed can be very elaborate. They are even made in tent form, whereas they would found to the standard size and sit upright like a little plaque.

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